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Minutes2Riches, making the most of every minute!

Time and MONEY are slipping away!

Join us NOW!



Over 6,000 products you can resell, and you can own them all for one low price!  Our most popular package EVER at M2R!

A brief rundown of our other top selling products you'll love must include PopOver Generator, eBook Generator, Web Template Explosion,  Header Generator, Instant Webmaster, PopUp Generator and lots more!  Check all the product pages and the Dollar Downloads pages to see it all!  Please allow extra time for the product pages to load, they are huge

People are talking!  "Your Webmaster design training videos are like that video professor guy on the TV commercials, except yours taught me how to make money with easy to build websites.  Now I'm a moneymaking site building webmaster!  I just got my first home computer three months ago.  Good Lord this is some powerful stuff!   Shawanda F, Valdosta GA

"My stay-at-home wife did this totally behind my back!  I never had a clue that anything was going on!" Lawrence E,  Danbury CT 

"Why didn't I do this sooner?  Because this plan wasn't invented yet!  There is so much opportunity here to make money in home business." Dikar P , Dana Point CA 

"Just like Prego spaghetti sauce...its in there."  Anthony M , Allentown PA

"Hey, you know you were exactly right!  After I got my sites set up it really only does take a few minutes a week!  I really like getting those emails showing that I made a sale. The best emails I'll ever get!  So far, so GREAT!"  Brent I. , St. Paul MN

"I've been a college graduate now for almost three years.  There just aren't any jobs up here Dave except service jobs.  So, I just had to try this.  My sites look great and I'm on my way!  I detest being a waiter.  I'm going to quit just as soon as I can."  Ritchie D, Fairhaven VT

"I have recently signed up with the M2R team.  I am very excited!  Thanks so much for such a quick reply to my questions."  Traci B, Redondo Beach CA





Welcome to M2R! 

Let me guess!  You are a stay at home mom or dad.  It could be you are a single parent.  Maybe you are a middle aged worker with retirement closing in on you while your 401K is in ruins.  You could just be looking for ways to make extra money for a college fund.  Perhaps you are recently unemployed or "in between jobs".  Maybe you are tired of working "for the man".  Or could it be that you are new to the Internet and just want to see what Internet marketing is all about?  Well, was I just a little right?  

Actually, it doesn't matter who you are or why you are here.  We are just very glad you came!  We want to tell you about Internet Marketing and how you can make money, sometimes a very good income and find freedom from answering that blasted alarm clock by owning websites and selling information products people really like.  

If you are expecting to earn money every month with no work required, forget about it.  It isn't happening here or anywhere else.  I do promise you will receive what you work to obtain!  Once you buy our products you own them with nothing more to pay us ever.  

Hi, my name is David Vasser and this may be our Internet marketing site, but it is dedicated to you!  Read the Minutes2Riches.com story.  It tells exactly why and how we discovered a web marketing program that could actually generate good income.  This is a legitimate business we run right from our home!  See if this story sounds familiar to you, in fact I'll bet it does!  

bulletWhile working one full-time job plus a part-time job for what they were willing to pay me just to try to make the family's ends meet, I was exhausted all the time.  
bullet I had a good income, but I never had any spare time and occasional surprise expenses like car repairs would throw me for a loop.
bulletThere never was any money going into savings, no matter how hard I tried.
bulletFor years I surfed the net watching other people get rich with a home business, wondering why I couldn't. 
bulletAfter trying multi-level marketing with a so-called "top company", all I accomplished was to enrich the up-line and put a huge hole in my pocketbook.    

All that changed when I learned how to sell online!  And that is exactly what I'm offering you here!  This site is one of the rare genuine opportunities for the person who has very little capital, even less computer knowledge and just a few minutes a day to manage a guaranteed profitable home based online business exactly like mine!  It is easy and you can start building your business immediately with very little cash!  

Here is why I call this site Minutes2Riches!  Just imagine that you have one web product page belonging to you with thousands of people looking at it each day.  It took you just a few minutes to make it.  If only 2,000 people look at it per day, which is very possible, and even if just ONE-TENTH OF ONE PERCENT of them actually buy something, you just made two sales!  But wait!  I suggest starting out with  FIVE of your own product pages, so the earnings multiply to the power of 5!  If each one gets 2,000 visitors a day you would now have a total of TEN SALES per day.  Multiply that by 365 days in a year.  That is 3,650 sales per year.  Average sales are around 10 dollars each.  So, that year you would gross around $36,500 before expenses!  Let's say instead you own 10 websites performing along these lines.  That would be $73,000!  Do you now see the potential of the income opportunities on the net?  

OK, let's say that instead you get only 200 visitors per day on each of your ten sites, then you would gross around $7,300 per year.  Still, not bad for a job you only work on a few minutes at a time!  Your earnings will depend on how many pages you run and how many visitors you can bring to your sites.  You can work on this full time or part time!  How much it makes is strictly up to you and how much traffic you can drive to your sites! 

bulletWithout being a computer expert you can turn a few spare minutes into solid reliable income with a minimal investment.
bulletWe offer products that teach you in easy step-by-step text, audio and video training exactly how to do it fast and cheap!  
bullet I'm here with support for you too!  
bulletNo direct selling, no get-rich-quick schemes, no multi-level marketing, no products stacked up in the garage, no weekly meetings, no recruiting your friends, and no rejections.  Plus, you actually own 100% of this business.  It is all yours!
bulletI'm talking about starting out with INSTANT WEBMASTER VIDEOS!  They are educational, fun and the best introduction to getting started making money online ever created!  
bullet That's right, I said FUN!  I really like being my own boss and you will too.  You will even be doing a little website design!  Don't worry, we will show you exactly how to build all the web pages you want with the instructional videos. The videos make it so easy!  
bullet Each of your web pages will generate income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!  The more pages you build and promote, the higher your earnings!       

The grand total I spent for everything to get FIVE businesses up and running for the first three months was $112.62!  Of course you can spend more or you can spend much less and still get in business!  In fact, I can tell you how to do it for about $50, but the results will not be nearly as good.  The beauty of this knowledge is that once you've got it, you've GOT IT!  Once you've learned how to do it, every site that you set up can make money all the time, even while you're sleeping or on vacation!  I can't believe that it was so danged easy once I knew all the secrets the big guys know!  

Now, I'm offering to share those same secrets with you.   These secrets are found in the Building Wealth Seminar, Million Dollar Emails, AutoResponder Magic (for use with automatic responder services), Black Belt Web Marketing, Free to Sell and Instant Webmaster Video packages.  

You will be amazed at how simple it is, and at how good and to the point these products are!  I have never had a single computer class or business class in my life!  All I know about this business is in these products.  Now, if a computer novice and business ignoramus like me can do it, I'm sure you can do it!  I will even answer your questions about how I did it if you ever get bogged down on some detail.  Just submit a "Contact Us" form from the menu link.   

A heartfelt thanks for visiting us at  Minutes2Riches.com! Maybe someday you'll be thanking me on your site for your multiple streams of income!  Now, check into what we offer on our product pages!  Just click on M2R Products 1 on the main menu in the upper left of this page to get started.  There are 2 product pages, so be sure to check them both out!

Our newest feature is geared toward people having economic problems in the latest economic downturn.  We have never seen it this bad ourselves.  The unemployment rate here is over 10% and climbing.  We are used to about a 2% rate so this is significant.  So, to help out those who are having cash flow problems try to get their own Internet marketing efforts underway as cheaply as possible, we have set up an entire page of valuable e-Books with precious knowledge about Internet marketing and each of these items is only ONE-DOLLAR!  Check them out on the DOLLAR DOWNLOADS page from the main menu.  We go even further by offering another page of free downloads.  You can find very informative products at no cost at all on the FREELOADERS page.   

Here's another new feature.  We received so many inquiries on how we get such good results using sound on some of our sites that we decided to offer you access to the same voice-over artist we use.  We now offer you fast and affordable Web Audio Services!  A professional voice artist will custom record audio messages just for your website!  See the Web Audio Services page for more information on this exclusive new voiceover service! 

But, whatever else you do, do not fail to read all about our Instant Webmaster Videos Where else can you learn web design, net marketing, search engine submission, how to accept credit cards online without a costly merchant account, and get support for such a low price?  Only at M2R!  This is an education that is priceless!  Remember, "a few minutes a day is all it takes!" 

All the best,


David Vasser    


No Risk-No Gamble 
All our products and plans come with a full money-back guarantee. If you are not delighted,  I'll give you every cent you paid us back anytime within the first FULL YEAR!  Every product available at M2R is either a proven money making program or turbo-charge for your existing web based marketing site.  Most products are BOTH!

Ready to work at home?                          This is the bad news part.  You actually have to do some work. If you are looking to just sit around doing nothing and have money rolling in, you need to look elsewhere. I have never found a way to do that and anyone who says you can do it is never going to give you a money back guarantee because they know their plan can't work!  I can honestly say that the  Minutes2Riches' products work. It is that simple. They have been proven to work over and over with hundreds of home based affiliates! 

 Where do you plan to be in five years?  Stuck in the same job, in the same debt and driving the same old car?  How about in 10 years?  Are you getting ahead or are you falling behind?  Statistics indicate 1,500 people lose their job every single day Will you be next?  Why take a gamble!  


Think you'll need support?                       Sure, you probably could use it!  Unlike most sites that offer the exact same products as M2R, we don't mind answering questions or helping you out in any manner we can as you start your home based internet business!  Buying these products without support is like buying your first guitar and not taking lessons.  You will do simply awful. 

Just try contacting the other sites with similar products and you will see what we mean!  You just can't contact them because you can't even get their real email address.  Even if you do get an email address the only reply is from an automated responder who can't answer your specific questions!  

Yes, you can pay less, but having someone to answer your questions is a valuable advantage you will not get from most of the others.  Selling a product is one thing & offering customer support is quite another! Just submit a contact request or email with any questions before or after you join us. The products speak for themselves, just go to the M2R Products Pages and see for yourself.  

We would like NOTHING better than to hear from you with a comment about how the program worked for you so you can be included it in the "People are talking" section.



How many minutes do you waste in a day?  

How much time do you spend waiting on a phone call, waiting on the pizza delivery, waiting for your favorite television program to come on, waiting for the clothes dryer to buzz, or just wasting time in a chat room or forwarding silly email chain letters?  How many of those wasted minutes could you devote to a goal of making $100,000 or more per year with your home based business?  Would you give it five little minutes? Could you give it fifteen minutes?  Sure you can! 

That's really all it takes!  


Be sure to check out the M2R LINKS pageWe've cut some special deals just for our affiliates! The really special deals are called HOT LINKS and they can save you some money as you build your business! 

M2R FREELOADERS are here!  Our newest site feature is "M2R Freeloaders".  Freeloaders are e-Books and software we feel are so important for all our associates to read and use that we will give them to you in free downloads.  Visit the NEWS page to learn more.  Or you can go directly to the Freeloaders page from the main menu.  Please let us know how you like this new feature and if you would like it expanded with a larger selection.  Tell us what e-Books were most helpful to you and we just might put them on the Freeloader page.  We aren't in this only to make money.  We also want to make friends.  

We own the proper distribution rights for each of the books and software we are giving away on the new Freeloader page.  However, you are not authorized to give these products away or resell them after you download them unless so stated in the item description.  Fair enough?

We could be selling these books, but we feel everyone should read them.  They are just that important! 

The M2R Link Exchange!  We invite you to swap links directly with M2R by clicking HERE!







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