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Welcome to the most comprehensive traffic exchange focused website on the Net.  We provide you with free tools and training to get more hits to any website.  There are NO payment links anywhere on this website.  See what you need and take it.  Everything is free.


We now list over 350 Tested & Rated Effective Traffic Exchange links with new ones added almost daily so be sure to visit at least weekly!  Join them all from the dedicated  "Manual Surfers" and "Auto Surfers" pages from the main menu at the top left and you'll receive literally millions of free hits! 


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  • Our exclusive "Surfer School" features a proven strategy to maximize your time from David Vasser who is approaching TWO-BILLION hits personally generated using his traffic exchange efficiency methods.  "Surfer School" is a free crash-course in how to work the traffic exchanges in an honest and organized fashion for maximum results with minimum effort. 

  • Freeware Software that makes your surfing and webmaster life easier.

  • Webmaster Tools for great money and time saving services.  Many are FREE.

  • Reciprocal Link Exchange to improve your own search engine ranking.

The HIT MACHINE is a public service of Minutes2Riches.Com and we welcome your input.  If you know of a good new hit exchange we've missed, disagree with our opinions or if you have a problem with an exchange, please tell us by clicking on the CONTACT US link on the top right side of the page.


"Exchanges come and go, but we are in our ninth year of bringing you the world's most comprehensive traffic exchange link listing."



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