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New Exchanges Being Rated

(TIP:  New exchanges are the ones to promote!  Build your downline early and surf enough to stay active!)

1 Modern Solution

4 Profit Hits Pro

Abundant Hits

Acute Hits

Adventure Advertising Club

Airplane Surfing

Ape Hits

Babbling Brook

Banzai Pipeline Surf

Beach Party Hits

Big Bass Hits

Bigame Hits

Blackjack Traffic

Blue Moon Traffic

Camelot Clicks

Cascade Traffic

Chief Hits

Classic Hits LTD

Click Master Pro (FREE to join right now!)

Coffee-Bean Clicks

Coastal Hits (Very active!)

Cool-Traffic (1 to 1 option & EZ to surf-Recommend)

Cross Eyed Surf

Crystal Surf

Custom Hits

Deep Space Traffic (Unique+Experienced Admin!)

Deer Traffic

Dream Catcher

Driving Hits

Eager Hits

Elevated Traffic

Exciting Hits

Explode Your Ads

Fall Surfing

Fair Trade Traffic

Fast Eddy's (manual & auto)

Farm Traffic

Fire And Ice

Flaming Fast Hits

Forever Concepts

Free Traffic And Cash

Froggy Hits

Froggy Surf

Go Green Hits

GPT Community (Not bad at ALL!)

Hands Free Traffic

Happy Days Traffic (Sheeze, the 50's AGAIN?)

Harlem Surf (Sheeze, the 30's AGAIN?)

Heart of Traffic

Heavenly Surf

Help Hits

Henry Hits

Hippo Hits

Hit Fool Max (Now .NET and faster, stronger, better!)

Hit Monster

Hits 4 Surfing

Hits And List Cafe

Hits Gone Wild

Hits Hook

Hit Silo (Familiar Name to we OLD TIMERS is reborn!)

Hit Snapper

Hollywood Hits

Hooters Hits (Who does not love Hooters?)

Hot Air Balloon Hits

Hot Website Traffic

Hummingbird Hits

Jelly Bean Clicks

Just 10 Time (Like for the uniques!)

Kodiak Hits (good initial uniques!)

Lady Luck Hits

Landmark Traffic

Light Speed Surf

Live Traffic Network

Lucid Leads

Madman Surf

Mad Traffic

Mega Traffic World

Mermaid Traffic

Monopoly Hits

Mystical Clicks

Mythic Surf

Mythology Surf

Naughty Or Nice Traffic (CAUTION! R-Rated Graphics)

Night Goddess Clicks

Night Owl Traffic

Northern Hits

Northern Traffic

Panda Hits

Peak Surf

Perpetual Traffic

Pomoter Pros

Promo Lotto

Prosperity Hits 4 U

Psychedelic Surf

Quantum Hits

Raccoon Clickers

Rainbow Traffic

Rank Raise

Redman Surf

Redneck Hits

Responsive Hits

Rockin Clix

Royal Hits

Sapphire Surf

Sea Star Hits (Pretty, but know your pirate history!)

Sensible Hits

Shine Light Traffic (PURTY!  REAL PURTY!)

Silent Hits UK (manual & auto)

Simple Hitz

Skyscraper Surf

Sleepy Time Surf


Songbird Hits

Songman Hits (Great admin! Recommended SOLID!)

Splash King Surfer

Superior Traffic

Surfin' Club

Surfin Crazy

Surfing With The Oldies (Musical Hangman Game!)

Surf Skeleton

Surf Smash

Sweet Strawberry Surf

Teacup Puppy Traffic

T E Clicks

The Surf Vault (UNIQUE Script, VERY UNIQUE!)

The Traffic Hotspot

Top Hits 4 U

Traffic Chamber (Pretty hot lately, fast hits!)

Traffic Dynamite


Traffic Hits 24-7

Traffic Lizard

Traffic Nature

Traffic Pharoh (GORGEOUS...STUNNING graphics!)

Traffic R Us

Traffic Speedway

Traffic Storm 4 U (Already over 3,000 actives)

Traffic Swirl

Traffic Tigers

Truckload O' Hits

Tsunami Hits

Visitor Village

Wagon Train Traffic (Surf monthly or PFFF U R GONE!)

White Tiger Traffic

Zaney Clicks

A+ Rated

24 7 Traffic Pro

Advertising Know How

Blue Surf

Dragon Surf

Easy Hits 4 You

Grade A Traffic

High Hits

Hit 2 Hit

Hit Safari

Hits Booster Pro (free members welcome!)

I Love Hits

Max Traffic Pro

Real Hitz 4 U

Royal Surf

Smiley Traffic (manual & auto, allows rotators!)

Start X-Change

Tezak Traffic Power

Top Tier Traffic (Surfing 250 PLUS daily here!)

Traffic Era

Traffic G

Traffic Pods

Traffic Roundup

Traffic Showdown

Traffic Splash

Traffic Swarm


Web Biz Insider (Surfing 250 plus per day here!)

Webmaster Quest


A Rated

123 Clicks  (One-time $5 sign-up fee & worth it.)

Ace Biz Traffic

Aloha Traffic Discovery

Bella's Click Shack

Big League Hits

Click Crazey

Click Ranch

Deep Sea Hits

Eternal Hits

Fast Easy Traffic

Funny Farm

Global Hits.Org

Gone Clicking (was Paid member only!  Now Free!)

Hit Bandit (unique script and fun bonus game)

Hit Magik (Like Trafficswarm!)

Hitpulse Basic (free)

Hits Impossible

Horror Movie Hits

Magic Highway Manual Only

Magnify Traffic

Matrix Hits (manual & auto)

Music City Hits

Mystical Maze

Nexus Exchange (Only charges for UNIQUE views!)

Pro Click Exchange

Raging Bull

Rain Forest Clicks

Share Traffic

Simply HQ Traffic 

Splash Page Surfer

SWAT Traffic

The Traffic Dance (A MUST-MUST JOIN!)

Traffic Bunnies

Traffic Delivers

Traffic Exchange Club (A POTENTIAL #1 EXCHANGE!)

Traffic Gold Rush

Traffic Soldiers

Traffic Taxis

Traffic Witch

Viral Visitors

Volcano Hits

Waters  Edge Hits


Web Centre Surf


Wolf Surfer

gold itself...circulated electronically

A- Rated

10k Hits 4 U Now

4X4 Hits

Agora Club

Alive Hits

AMCS Traffic

Barbarian Hits

Bionic Hits

Bullseye Traffic

Carnival Clicks

Cheetah Traffic

Chess Ads


Click Fred Traffic

Clickin Fingers

Clickin People

Clicks A-Go-Go

Clicks Diva

Clix Swap

Earth Hits

Enjoy Traffic

Exchange Pilot

Explorer Hits

First Place Traffic

Free Traffic World

Help Hits


Hit Gusher

Hit Hurricane

Hit Lion

Kaycee Hits (manual & auto)

Lemming Run

Link Crews

Lords-Of-Traffic (dashes in the URL)

Lots More Hits

Master Traffic

Medieval Hits

More Than Hits

Mythology Surf

QC Hits

Savvy Clicks


Soaring 4 Traffic

Splash Wave

Surf Tiger

Swim In Traffic

Toolbar Traffic

Top Flight Traffic (Terrific admin-a WINNER!)

Tornado E Clicks

Traffic 9

Traffic Battle

Traffic Co-Op

Traffic Heroes

Traffic Jamz

Traffic Punk

Uncle Speewha's Surf Exchange

Visit Maniac

Visitor Exchange

We B Clickin


Xtreme Hit

Zim Zam Zoom

B+ Rated

AA Hits

Click Cafe

Click Thru

Domain Tip

Emerald Clicks

EM Traffic

E-Traffic Freedom

Firestorm Hits

Fortune Cookie Hits

Fuel Clicks

Gaminghouse Hits (Fun casino games win hits!)

General EN Traffic Empire

Gladiator Hits

Hit Ali

Hit Kingdom

Hit Pirate

Hits Keep Coming (manual & auto)

Hit War

Jiffy Traffic

Jungle Clicks Pro

Just Visitors (1 to 1 with manual & auto features)

Krazy Exchange

Lonestar Hits

Made For Hits

Major League Hits

Make 1 C

Max Visitors (manual & auto)

Mighty Oak Hits

Mob Hits

Money And Hits

Monkey Traffic

Mousetrap Traffic

Muchovisitors (manual & auto)

My E-Traffic

NWT Networks (manual & auto)

Online Business Traffic

Other Hits (manual & auto)

Profit Charger Hits

Railroad Traffic

Raven Surf

Red Hot Clicks

Roadrunner Surf

Satin Traffic 2 U

Sears World Surf

Success Traffic Hits (manual & auto)

Surf-Central (Recommended!)

Surf Sumo

Surfer Champ

The Hit Devil

Top Surfer ( manual & auto now!)

Trade My Page

Traffex One (manual & auto)

Traffic Co-Op


Traffic Elite (manual & auto)

Traffic Meet

Traffic Muscles

Traffic Speedway

TX Total Share


Viral Class Ads

Warp Surf (manual & auto)

Wild Jungle Surf

World Traffic Hitz 4 U (manual & auto)

B Rated

Auto Hits Now (manual & auto)

4 Per Day (manual & auto)

24 Seven Hits (manual & auto)

All About Traffic

Bear Bones Traffic

Bingo Hits

Bootscootin Traffic

Click Dragon

Clickers Jamboree

Click Voyager

Code Blue/Critical Care/Inn-Business

Crazy Traffic

Dare 2 Click

Eat Sleep Traffic

E Market Traffic

Excessive Visitors (manual & auto)

Extreme Visitors (manual & auto)


Forever Traffic

Free Traffic Lotto

Free Traffic Shop

Highway Cash

Hip Hop Clixs

Hit Fun.Biz (free manual/pro auto)


Hits UK (manual & auto)

Hit Toad (very well done and intuitive)

Hit Vortex

Hogs Hollow

Jesus Traffic 4 All (manual & auto)

Jurassic Surf

Lords of Traffic (no dashes in URL)

Orient Express



Pulse Clicks

Relentless Chaos

Rosebud Hits

Share Ad Space

Surf 100 Sites

Surfin' Bull

Traffic At The Races

Traffic Bully

Traffic Dodgems

Traffic Master

Ultimate Visitors

Valentine Hits

Visitor Exchange.ORG

Visits Club

We Deliver Hits

World Of Traffic (manual & auto)

Worldwide Super Hits (manual & auto)

B- Rated

Awesome Visitors (manual & auto)

Baby Boomer Hits (manual & auto)

Basketball Clicks

Breed Traffic (manual & auto)

Clix Mania

Clown Clicks

Dare 2 Surf

Get Hits 2 (manual & auto)

Heavenly Traffic 4 U

Hit Shark (recently crashed-REJOIN Now!)

Hits 365 (manual & auto)

Hits Bus 2 U

Hits From Beyond (1 to 1 but small membership)

Make 1 C

Master Hits Now (manual & auto)

Precision Hits (manual & auto)

Prize Hunters

Promoters Loop (manual & auto)

Rapid Free Hits

Smokin' Hits (manual & auto)

Traffic Exchange Network

Traffic Experts

Traffic Surfers

Universal Hits (manual & auto)

C+ Rated

Cash Surf Viral Evolution (manual & auto)

Click 4 Hitz (UNIQUE script but cumbersome to use)

Clicks Matrix

Fast Lane Traffic (Eats Hits!  A tracking DISASTER)

Five Hits (manual & auto/shows 5 sites at ONCE!)

I Love Clicks

Pirate Traffic (Slow loading lately)

Pooh Bear Surf

Start Page Ads (Different!)

Surf 2 Success

Traffic Racer (manual & auto)

Vampire Hits


Your Traffic.Co.UK

C Rated

Best Free Traffic (manual & auto)

Chasing Hits (manual & auto)

EZ Clicking (framebreakers & timer freezes!)

Power-Surf.Com (Script Errors Here)

Surfers Traffic Exchange (Frequent Script Errors)

Webmaster Tools 4 U (bandwidth shortage history)

C- Rated

Surfer School Academic Probation

"C-" sites have major issues & are NOT recommended at this time nor counted in our totals.  We watch "C-" sites to see if they fix their problems in the immediate future.  If they don't make the grade soon, EXPULSION is PENDING for the following C- performers.

Awesome Traffic. Net (manual & auto) (server move)

Beach Party Hits (non-functional)

Bra Start (manual) (server error)

Cash Clicking (Another former A Exchange goes down)

Circuit Surfer (says it is "paused.")

Fast Freeway (Former A+ Exchange.  Errors.)

Our Traffic Place - (errors)

Surf Wizard  (WARNING!  Viruses in surf bar!)

Traffic Racer (manual & auto)

Web-Meld (WARNING! Spyware & Viruses GALORE!)

West Coast Ad Exchange (login errors)

Notify us of any difficulties with any exchange rated "C" or higher using the "Contact Us" link at top right of any page on The Hit Machine! 



It is possible to get a virus or malware by visiting any malicious website that loads nasties onto your computer.  These awful things are sometimes planted by popup windows, images, flash players and so forth.  It is important to always have your Anti-Virus software updated and on when using any traffic exchange.  See the Webmaster Link page for recommended FREE software.   If you don't have anti-virus software, do not surf traffic exchanges or the Internet until you install it.  We also recommend Spybot, Spyware Blaster, Adaware and Malwarebytes, which are all available free on the Webmaster Links page of this site.

Ponzi Free Zone:  

Notify us of any Ponzi type activities or any other difficulties with any listed traffic exchange!   "Contact Us" link is top right of every page on The Hit Machine!



Top 10 Manual Hit Exchanges

Easy Hits 4 U

Traffic Splash

Start X-Change

Hit 2 Hit

Traffic Era

Ad. Know How

I Love Hits

Hit Safari

Web Biz Insider



Top 10 Auto

Hit Exchanges





Quiet Hits

Top Surfer

Autosurf Now


Fortune Cookie




Let's Go Surfin'

Some people just jump into surfing for hits with neither a strategy nor a game plan. 

Dave Vasser founded the "Surfer School" to give you a crash course in Surfing 101 right here online! 

There's no degree, just lots of hits!

Your full surfer scholarship has been approved!  Class begins when you click  "Surfer School" on the main menu.

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