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Free Traffic Exchange Viral Referral Programs

(Use these programs to rapidly build your downline in multiple exchanges all at once.  Join, add your referral URL's from all the traffic programs listed, and then post your Viral Traffic Program referral URL in the traffic exchanges.  Good traffic builders for people who don't want to build their own personal referral system!  Once someone clicks on your referral link, they may be signing up into your downline in several exchanges!  You'll earn traffic on their surfing and on the surfing done by their downline too!  Some offer better tools than others, so join them all and see what they have to offer.  They are all free to join and they all work.)

Free Click-Thru Club

Pragmatic 25 (25 Top INSTANT LAUNCH manuals)

Profit Rally

Start Page Clicks (lists FAR MORE exchanges than any other!)

Traffic Exchange List (From StartXChange)

Traffic Hoopla

Traffic Tornado

Vital Viral


Free Viral View-to-Sign-Up Programs

(With these programs you signup, view numerous sites and then after viewing them you just  enter the site to which you want to direct the traffic.  Then you are given your own referral URL to promote.  Once you refer just 10 people who sign up, you could get ultimately get millions of unique visitor views!  The more you refer, the more hit's you'll get.  There are usually lenient, if any,  restrictions on audio or popup elements with these services so it is a good opportunity to "talk" to your visitors.  These are perhaps the MOST active viewers available.)

Viral Traffic Rush  (This one can be a money maker!)

20 Million Hits

Crazy Traffic

Ultimate Traffic System


Minutes 2 Hosting Our own US based marketing friendly hosting starting at under $3 per month!

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FREE HOSTING!  If you can not afford our professional hosting, this is advertisement free!  No popups, banners or any other junk. 

Domain Registration

Minutes 2 Hosting Our own US based Domain Registration service!  Only $6.88 per year for .Com, .Net, .Org, .Info, .Biz or .US domain names hosted with us!  Our prices beat GO DADDY!

Getting More Search Engine Hits

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Online Payment Systems

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Website Voice-Over Services

Minutes2Riches.Com (A professional voiceover artist will record an audio introduction for your site delivered fast via emailed MP3 file.  Quotes upon request.  This is the same voice heard on this site's main Minutes2Riches homepage and on Ben Franklin Crafts.  Previous clients include Alcoa, McDonalds & Coca-Cola so you'll be in good company.)


Created by Mario Giordani, an old friend of ours, AUDIO THIS contains good information about putting audio on your existing website.


Recommended Software


Browsers for Surfing Traffic Exchanges

Crazybrowser Our tests prove free CB outperforms Avant and we abandoned Avant after brief tests on two machines.  Based on Internet Explorer, CrazyBrowser works with all exchanges, but has security vulnerabilities and no built in anti-popup.  We now use it only on the very few exchanges that do not function correctly in Firefox.  

Firefox Browser This is now the BEST browser for surfing due to enhanced security and stability.  It works with MOST exchanges but not all.  Some exchanges depend on Internet Explorer components to make them work.  Most Spyware and Adware won't get by it because they historically exploit Internet Explorer and this is a completely different browser with no I.E. components.  As Firefox use has spread so rapidly some new adware and spyware will no doubt be around to exploit it soon.  HIGHLY recommend installing the "NOSCRIPT" add-on to make Firefox even safer.  It is a tad inconvenient to individually allow scripts, but you only have to do it once per exchange. 

Maxthon Browser Impressive in preliminary testing, but is another IE based browser which makes it vulnerable to Spyware & Adware installations.  Possible alternative to CrazyBrowser.  There is no need to use both.   


Protect Your Computer!

YOU CAN GET VIRUSES, SPYWARE, ADWARE AND OTHER THINGS FROM SURFING TRAFFIC EXCHANGES.  Also, sometimes the very behavior of a traffic exchanges scripts (what makes them work) will trigger a virus detection warning when there is actually no virus or other danger.  To protect yourself NEVER surf without updated & "always-on" virus protection.  Firewall software is also a good idea and run either "always-on" spyware detection or scan your machine using spyware scanning detection software periodically, weekly at least.  This is good advice for any computer and not just surfing traffic exchanges.  CHANCES ARE BETTER to get a virus via email than through a traffic exchange, but it is possible and it has happened. 

AVAST Anti-Virus Free anti-virus software that automatically updates itself.  Use this if you can't afford the premium products from the Nortons, Trend Micros and McAfees of the world.  It offers AUTOMATIC UPDATES and ALWAYS-ON protection!  The BEST free anti-virus out there.  It is ONLY for NON-COMMERCIAL HOME use. 

AVG Anti-Virus Free anti-virus software that must be manually updated.  You can use it anywhere free, but I feel far more secure with automatic updates.  Use AVG if you have an older machine such as a Windows95 machine that won't run AVAST smoothly.  If you use AVG, manually checking for and  downloading those virus definition updates is a "MUST DO DAILY TASK"for it to be effective.



Zone Alarm Best free firewall-works with all surfs we use.  (You only need ONE firewall.  Running more than one can cause problems with your computer working properly.)

Malware Bytes is a great all around malware detection and removal utility for  spyware and adware.  There is both a free and upgraded paid level of service.  We use the free level at this time and find it very helpful. 

Adaware Free adware detection & removal.

SpywareBlaster Always on Spyware protection FREE.

Spybot Search & Destroy Free spyware removal tool

Trendmicro Housecall Free online Virus & Spyware scanner which is very good, but should not be used as a substitute for an "always on" antivirus program.  We use it ONLY as a "double-checker" for the other anti-virus and Spyware programs.


Webmaster Tools

M2R/Interlyn PrePromote Meta Tag Generator (our own free software to generate search engine pleasing meta code for all your pages.  Free forever.)

Instant Banner Creator (free download of the hot new banner software!)

NVU HTML Editor (Mozilla's FREE alternative to FrontPage & DreamWeaver.  Give it a try!)

SoThink HTML Editor (DreamWeaver it ain't, but it's FREE, downloads quickly & works)

WS FTP Limited Edition (Free Forever Basic File Transfer Client)

FREE CLIP ART (Good source for all kinds of FREE and contemporary clip-art.) 

AAA Buttons (Design your own buttons free)

AAA Buttons - Free buttons !!

AUDACITY AUDIO SOFTWARE (For home audio recording.)

Impact Web Audio (For putting audio & audio control buttons onto your webpages.)

Cool Text create web buttons and text items online.)


"Killad", "Crazy Browser", "Firefox", "MAXTHON", "TRENDMICRO", "SPYBOT", "Adaware", "Norton Anti-Virus", "Zone Alarm", "Interlyn", "SoThink", "WS FTP", "Logo Creator", AVG/Grisoft, AAA Buttons, "Audacity"  and "AI Robo Form" are copyrighted by their respective operators.



Free Rotator.Net   (free and we use it! Good free service!)

Pageswirl   (free to try, but then $6 per month...& worth it.)

Traffic Exchange Toolbox (free from StartXchange Traffic Exchange)


Auto Responder

Get Response

Mailing List Building

List Fire

Free Net Leads


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